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0000394Project GenomGameplaypublic03.09.2018 12:30
ReporterDeighAssigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.7.0.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000394: Transport man from outside Ark to caves
DescriptionTeleport from transport man outside to caves, but it spawns me below transporter outside ark,and I fall...
Started at 5 HP, then on max HP.
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14.06.2018 16:01


20180614225805_1.jpg (385,333 bytes)


14.06.2018 16:03

reporter   ~0000301

I was teleported below this position...

20180614230237_1.jpg (596,413 bytes)
20180614230152_1.jpg (282,944 bytes)
20180614230155_1.jpg (167,531 bytes)
20180614230155_1.jpg (167,531 bytes)


14.06.2018 16:05

reporter   ~0000302

Teleports to that position on half load after spawn before shift.
If shift fails it leaves you spawned there.

Happenned 2 times now.


14.06.2018 16:08

reporter   ~0000303

During fall, second load appears to wait for stationary player, but since falling for eternity, it does not load.
Have been loading for 10 minutes so far.


14.06.2018 16:14

reporter   ~0000304

On load into game, does same thing afterwards.

the one time it fixed after login, I spawned below, then I got caught on the ground below the area for just a moment I landed, and it teleported me back to the surface and equipped me, as you see in the images uploaded just before.

That is the bug.

This was avoided in the previous version of PG buy having the spawn point above the actual position so that a person fell about have a char position to get to the ground itself.


23.06.2018 15:44

reporter   ~0000312

I spawn there with that bug everytime when I leave a cave ore the ark ore when I try the transport guys.


03.09.2018 12:30

reporter   ~0000354

This is the spawn bug.

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